About me

Tibor Karaszi

I am located in Stockholm, Sweden, and have been working with Microsoft SQL Server since 1988, from version 1.0 and through all versions up to the current version. In 1997, I was awarded the title MVP (Most Valuable Professional), as the 7th SQL Server MVP in the world. I have been nominated MVP each year since 1997.


My SQL Server training experience goes back to 1991. I have delivered internal SQL Server training for Microsoft in Sweden as well as internationally. The majority of my training, I do through Sweden's biggest CPLS, Cornerstone. I am authorized by Kalen Delaney to deliver her advanced Internals and Query Tuning course, both in Sweden (through Cornerstone) and internationally.

I am co-author of the book “SQL Server 7.0 Unleashed” from SAMS, contributed to two SQL Server MVP Deep Dives books (this and this) from Manning and I have also been a regular writer and contributing editor for SQL Server Magazine.

I regularly speak at conferences, seminars and workshops, including events organized by Microsoft.

As a consultant, I have mainly focused on reviewing and as a discussion partner, for instance to elaborate on design issues. I also carry out more practical, "hands on", consultant assignments.

Nucleus Datakonsult 
Nucleus Datakonsult is the name of the company in which I am self-employed. See below for contact details.

Examples of services offered:

  • Training, as described above.
  • Most types of SQL Server related tasks.
  • One type of work I've done which has been much appreciated is looking over the maintenance routines, suggesting changes or a complete overhaul of those routines and possibly implementation of the routines.
  • Round table discussions regarding SQL Server topics. This can be topics which are discussed in advance or just questions asked as the discussion goes along.
(Like most of us, I also have to earn an income. This means that I cannot provide free support or help per email. Due to volume, unsolicited emails will be discarded. Here's tips about how to get help in forums.)